Case Studies

White Plains Hospital

A Better Valet Parking Experience + Reduced Labour

Our Client

White Plains Hospital provides acute and preventative medical care to the people of Westchester county and surrounding area. This 292 bed hospital has been recognized with numerous awards. It is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and earned its recognition as a Top Performer for Key Quality Measures® in 2013.

Our Role

Since June 2014, Impark Health has managed park & lock and valet services on behalf of White Plains Hospital. We provide customer service, valet service, cash collection, monthly parking administration, and repairs and maintenance for this 1,000 parking space facility.

Here are some highlights of Impark Health’s customized improvement plan for White Plains Hospital.


Valet customers were frustrated because the average wait time for the delivery of a valet-parked vehicle was 12 minutes and the wait time to pay by credit card was too long.


Impark Health’s team evaluated the customer experience from end-to-end in order to develop a comprehensive plan to improve the experience. The plan included:

  1. Re-engineering valet vehicle flow and storage to speed up delivery.
  2. Relocating the valet garage to the ground floor including redesigning the valet parking area to create 25 additional spaces with no inconvenience to self-park customers.
  3. Introducing two-way radios for better communication between valet starters and drivers.
  4. Improving employee shift scheduling, the placement of employees and employee training to improve service with the added benefit of reducing labor by 140 hours per week.
  5. Streamlining an inefficient credit card payment process.   Credit card terminals and cashier stations were introduced at valet stations. Credit card processing technology was upgraded reducing processing time from 45 seconds to 25 seconds or 8 seconds if under $25.


Impark significantly improved customer satisfaction while also reducing labor costs.

  • Average vehicle delivery wait time was reduced to 5 minutes from 12 minutes.
  • The credit card payment process was streamlined including cutting transaction time from 45 seconds to as low as 8 seconds.
  • Labor was reduced by 140 hours per week.

Patients and visitors using parking and valet services at White Plains Hospital now experience convenient and efficient service with a bonus of reduced costs in the operating valet services.